Best Moroccan covers


Today’s Blog gonna be all about some moroccan covers that i love and enjoy the most…shall we begin ?!! 

KARIM JARAM /Apologize (Onerepublic)

This guy just made a wonderful job by singing that song and the way he plays guitar is absolutely phenomenal…MAN!!! he’s such a  talented person 

Mehdi Megder and Adnane Eladi /i won’t let you go (James Morrison)

These two are incredible the fact that their voices are so matching together makes you feel like you’re listening to one person..they master the high and low tones like bosses 

Redah / Skinny love (Birdy)

He has that kind of voice that makes you wanna repeat the video again and again…such a melodious and clean voice he got !! 

 Soufiane Mazin/ Stand By Me(Ben E. King)

I’ve just discovered Soufiane Mazine  by making this blog…I reallyy wasn’t expecting that much  from him since he wasn’t that well known in youtube…But dudee his voicee PSHHHHHHH !! AMAZING ❤

3 Doors Down – Here without you. (by Hajar Benhsaïn)

This Girl is just stunning she’s such a Diva & she sings like a pro… even though it’s hard to sing using Karaoke but she just nailed that thing  ❤



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