must watch movies <3

So basically today’s Blog going to be all about some of the movies (that i can remember now)t hat have affected my life and i think that every human being should have at least seen one of them…if not KILL YOURSELF alreaddy (just kidding here don’t take stuff seriously) 

okeeeey let’s get started….HeeHAAA 


I literally LOVE Leonardo Dicaprio’s movies….maaan this one is just mind blowing it takes your brain away from this world 

i don’t wanna ruin things for y’all just watch and enjoy 

shawshank redemption

when Tim ROBBINS and Morgan FREEMAN are together in one movie be sure it’s gonna amaze you…this movie contains a lot of tough seens that makes look at prisoners in a total different way…there a lot of emotions in this movie…if u’re a crying person prepare some tissues before getting started 

The fault in our stars  (okey?…okey.)

WOW this movie is just soo awesome…specially if you read the book…let me confess that I cried like a kiddo reading the book and watching the movie…despite the movie’s quality i cried (what a shame :p ) 

      v for vendetta

This one is “jfjdjdjdnf <3′ i know it sounds like a “”manly”” movie and most of girls don’t ike it…lemme tell you what Ggggirls give it a chance for God’s sake!!! then if you didn’t like it sorry but u got no taste Baaang 😀 



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