Poems that i LOVE <3


During my senior year of high school i’ve became officially a spoken words poetry addicted… i had memorised a LOT of poems during final exams periode (i guess that explains what I really mean by addicted)…when I get stressed out I just bring my earphones and listen to them all day long and doing that actually helps to feel more relaxed…and it had  also affected my life in a really goood way by enriching  my vocabulary and turning me to a persone who is able to  wright her own poems even though they don’t sound as amazing as this guys down below but i’m trying to reach that point tho :p…so for those reasons i’ve decided to share with you some of the poems that i admire the most ❤

let’s get started 😀

Boona mohammed 

Kamal saleh 

Farah Chamma

branden wellington

Sarah kay






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