Being a girl in a third world country

There’s nothing more tougher than being a girl in a third world country, cause your purpose in life is written, and your existence only means one thing witch is serving (key word of this article).

Beginning with serving your parents,doing house work witch is actually not something to camplain about but the hardest part of that thing is having a grown up brother who doesn’t have to do it cause simply he is a BOY.

Second step is serving your husband, it doesn’t matter if you work or you’re a house wife cooking and cleaning the house and maybe even washing his feet (if he asks you to) becomes your duty, if you didn’t obey those rules girl a divorce is coming on the way. Cause all what your society thinks about marriage “women serving their husbands”,it’s like mathematics “wife=slave”.

After that you have to give your kiddos of course their share of serving (by kids i mean “boys” cz girls are already doing the first step ), and you should be really careful when it comes to giving birth of a child when you’re already having a job, cause there is always that possiblity of being asked (by asked I mean ordered) by your loving husband to leave your job so you’ll be able to take care of your newly born child and of course taking care of him, and ma’am you have to do it cause like they say (Girls belong in the kitchen).

And finally congratulations you die but heey you had a really joyful amazing life it only contains one and only problem witch is  instead of living it  you have survived it.(in a great way though)

I wouldn’t be mad if those ideas are only said by grown ups (like parents…), but the harderst part is seeing teen girls wishing to get married and experience those steps of serving and they believe one hundred per cent it’s what they’re made for. And arguing about this kind of stuff will only make you look like a psycho or even a non believer, cause trust me most of them believe on those ideas so much that it makes them think that it’s a part of their religion.

However my coculsion is i’m not gonna change who I am or make boundaries to what I can achieve in this life to fit into a sick society.


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  1. mariam says:

    every single word in this blog is true, I don’t know if this is because we are in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, It’s just our culture I wish that one day this inequality between men and women fades.

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    1. Houdouce says:

      somedayy I really hope soo !!


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