5 things idiots believe about Muslims which just aren’t true…

A Stranger at Home

Let me lay my cards on the table. I am not a religious person. I don’t discount all faiths in their entirety, but I wouldn’t say I believe in enough of any of the mainstream religions to even lean towards one in particular. I do however respect people’s religious beliefs, whilst also myself believing that religion shouldn’t be beyond question or criticism. This article isn’t about me somehow glorifying Islam or putting it’s teachings beyond question. It is about leveling the playing field so we don’t discriminate against the faith significantly more than we do with others. There is a growing consensus that the more liberal-thinking people are wrongly pandering to some sort of Islamic lobby, and in that sense we are aiding a kind of Fox News, Daily Mail Special Addition of The Armageddon. I have been called a ‘traitor’ (and much worse) many times for simply challenging ignorant…

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