10 struggles of Hijjabis

1-Dealing with stupid questions…”Do you shower with this thing on? Do you  sleep wearing it?”

6a1b02a9393f47019f14f63f6baf1a5d2-when a non hijabi asks you if you’re hot in Hijab and you’re like…


3-That moment when you realise that you’ve spent your entire day with a messed up Hijab…and none of your friends told you to fix it !


4- it doesn’t matter how many PINS  you have you gonna lose all of them in no time 

anigif_original-21318-1400703589-135-Then you decide to put them in a “safe place” and a stuffed annimal is always the answer 


6-Opening the door in a rush means a blanket is going on somebody’s head.


7-Running,jumping…playing sports in general.


8-putting sunglasses on and off.



10-Having to take off your hijab in front of a friend



but what most people don’t get is that she walks around feeling like a superhero with that scarf dangling from her neck cause it represents her everything.

images (2)


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