10 signs you’re addicted to watching movies

1- When you’re watching a movie with chatty people and you try to shush them up politely u be like…


2- Over thinking about a movie you loved can lead you to some theories like…


3- The feeling you get after watching a great movie 


4- When someone asks you “what are you passionate about?” you be like..

tumblr_lwsiypyPco1qeqx7ko1_r1_5005- When you make a joke about liking twilight and someone believes you…

you be like…


6- When someone asks if you’re a fan of movies…


7- Nothing can stop you from quoting movies in your daily life 


8- That moment  when you realize that you spent the entire day watching movies


9- When you find someone who likes the same kind of movies as you 


10- When someone makes fun of your favourite movie..



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  1. That goes for TV shows too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Houdouce says:

      Yeeep it’s kinda the same thing 😀


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