Staring at her own reflection

All she can see is imperfection

She’s getting tired of this inner conversation

She starts having every time she sees her self not looking like Kardashian

Forgetting that beauty is every God’s creation

Not just some kind of beauty pageant competition

But hey ! You can’t blame a girl for not thinking she’s a pearl

In a world where beauty means make-up on every single cuticle

For the sake of looking suitable

I want you to think for a while and confess

If the whole world was blind how many would you empress

Or is it wearing less than size 4 is how you measure success?

Trust me If a man thinks you’re less he surely should have a second guess

Cause surely he’s not a man he’s a boy and maybe less

You are a LOT more than the skin you are in

Girl you’re precious powerful you’re amazing

Just be your own beautiful self cause everyone else is already taken


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