List on things to do this summer


So as every summer I make plans on how being active during it and stop wasting my time  sitting home “internetting ” , and as usual I fail at being active and productive.

I finally knew what was wrong with the lists that I keep on making and the problem is they are so illogical (learning I mean mastering korean and spanish in the same time is kinda impossible for a human being to do during a vacation that lasts for 2 months).

So I made a simple logical list for this summer and I wanted to share it with y’all

I used my Journal to write down the things I want to complete in order to make stuff official :p

1- Make a summer playlist of songs that I would isten to the whole summer                                (it has  to be a huge one though)

2- Do something out of my comfort zone 

3- Do one thing every day that scares me (like holding a pet with my bare hands cause trust me I become anxious when it comes to physical cantact with animals “yes even birds” )

4- Watch the sun set in the beach and watch it rise in the same place

5- Do an awesome DIY

 6- Discover every single corner of the city I live in

7- Go camp

8- Read at least 4 books

9- Learn a spanish song

 10- Do volunteering work 

12- Set around fire eating marshmallows with friends 

13- Eat a foreign food 

14- climb a mountain in my case a tree would be more than enough 

15- Go on a small boat ride 

16- Ride a rusty carnival ride and try your best not to puke

17- Visit a historical museum

18- Blog more 

19- Photobomb people 

20- Go visit a church (If they let me in with Hijab of course)



2 Comments Add yours

  1. A pretty nice summer to-do list ! It’ll be interesting to hear from you about some of those experiences and how you’ll find them. But you can start with the kinda books you’d like to read, and the Spanish song that you’re willing to learn. ¡buena suerte 😀

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    1. Houdouce says:

      Thank u youness for giving me ideas about what to write in the next articles…I’ll make sure to share with you those experiences inchaalah ^_^


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