Task 6 of my list on things to do this summer PART 1 “kasbah”

So as I promised myself I will complete my summer’s list I’ve accomplished  some of the tasks and I still got some others, so I wanted to share with you the “Discover every single corner of the city I live in” my destination was “Kasbah”. Here’s some of the places and corners that I never paid attention even though they look super-duper amazing

So enough with words and more with pictures

My number one favourite picture
mind my sister…
A calm beautiful place
Roses ❤
Yeah I’m obsessed with doors and windows
Road to the beach
Trust me this cat was doing some serious meditation

And that’s pretty much it…thanks sista for making this adventure more awesome


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cool pictures ! I don’t know why some of the pictures do remind me of Asilah. But this is Tangier, right ?

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    1. Houdouce says:

      Yeah it is…well I always say that Asilah is a smaller version of Tangier now u’re prooving my point :D…thank u

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice shots Douae ! Thumbs up & Keep it up ! ^_^


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