About my prophet-slam poem-

You do not believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself

Those wise words were said by the one whom you all enjoy drawing cartoons about

You’re probably wondering why we love him more than we do for ourselves

Even though we never saw him or even got closer to his sight

Still our body shivers when we hear the story of his life

All what mattered to my prophet was the purity of your heart and your soul

And specially not if you spent your life as a rich or a poor

Skin, language were stuff he would ignore

So how dare you telling people to start calling him Moo?

He guided us from darkness to light

In a time where they were burying  their daughters alive

And women were discriminated and objectified

He said the best of you is the best to his wife

And paradise is under the feet of your mom

He basically changed people’s morality

He switched it from savagery to humanity

And a smile for him was a form of charity

He was a man of justice and a man of humility

He was the most sincere

That this earth had ever seen

He taught us the right way of practicing this Deen

To not sleep without knowing if your neighbour is spending his night at ease

We were a nation that no one could conquer

OH! What i would do to sit beside him on the rivers of Salsabeel

And apologize for us not following his example today

And let his teachings fade away

This Omma has gone astray

Killing using his name

Not letting a place in this planet where people feel safe

Forgetting the fact that we all came from the same clay

And with dirt we’ll be covered in our grave

How will you face your lord on the judgement day

Knowing that you spent your life refusing to obey




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    good, keep going 😀


    1. Houdouce says:

      awww thank so much ❤


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