life as a Moroccan university student

it all starts from the day you take your baccalaureate and join the college community with the spirit of truly believing that you’ll be one of the smartest students there…cause you’ve been told only hopeless people choose economics as a university major…so yeah it kinda makes sense in your mind

well that’s you at first…(just in case you couldn’t tell :p )


just right after attending the first lecture you’ll start doubting your whole existence


every single lecture makes you feel dumb and dumber…but hey you gotta give the teacher the impression that you know what is he talking about every eye contact with him/her  feels pretty much  like this…


sooo  you decide to chill during the whole semester and spoil yourself before things get nasty (yes about finals i’m talking)


when finals finally arrive and you have to catch up with the others but the thing is you have no clue how to start


you try your best to stay calm about it and convince yourself that you got it all under control…


but papers, books are all floating around the place and you’re like  “i just can’t even”


and some people just loove to use moments like this to whine about not understanding a chapter that you didn’t even know about it existence…


at the end you gather yourself together and you teach yourself what is possible to be taught and ignore the rest cause all you want is just to SAVE THE SEMESTER


but in the end it doesn’t even matter (u sang this part didn’t you ?) you just glad the whole misery ended and you’re just pleased that it did end and you have time to chill again until the next battle



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