types of Moroccan guys

hello you guys, how y’all doing ? so today i decided to sacrifice this post to share with you a really sick habit that i have which is categorizing people, i’m very aware that it is not a good thing to do but my mind can’t help but doing it.

so i’ll start giving you a closer look to some of the categories that i place Moroccan guys in (not all guys of course some have their unique personality “like you dear reader just by reading  this you justify your uniqueness” :p ))

1-  the wifey seeker 

this guy is usually 30 something years old, you can always spot him wearing a tuxedo, and he certainly has some bald spots in his hair as an effect of the over use of gel. for this fella it doesn’t matter to him if you are under 18 or over it, interested in marriage or not, if you are bold enough to treat him as a human being and not shutting him down you should brace your self and expect him knocking on your door in order to ask for your hand anytime soon.


2- the “too cool guy”

the too cool guys are an old and a dark soul in the same time, you usually see them wearing pink floyed t-shirts and listening to some hard metal music, their ultimate life quote is “i don’t care”but deep down they kinda do A LOT. in order to be their friends you have to at least have the same taste of music as them,cause they have some strict rules when it comes to friendship they  don’t do the “just mingle”kind of thing. they are always ready to talk about their drama and their crazy life style and whatever happens in the world considering politics and stuff they don’t give a darn about it.


3- the gym guy 

the gym guy or Mr .muscles, you can know everything  about their food/sport rituals only by reading the hashtags they put on an Instagram picture. and every conversation with them somehow turns out to be about how to get fit and gain muscles kinda thing. a perfect life style for them is mostly a fit body (of course), a fancy car, and a beautiful fit blond wife. Gym-12.gif

4-  the good boy

this guy is always super clean super neat, doesn’t curse or smoke (which is all good by far), but he doesn’t happen to have a lot of guy friends they find him to fragile to be considered as their buddy “not cool boys not cool”, all girls put him in the bro-zone (even more hopeless than the friend one). those kind of guys are most likely to be the the ones that get good grads in school and end up having a great career which means the bro-zone can be broken HANG IN THERE good fellas.


5- the lazy kind

to be a lazy guy you need to have a lazy style (hoodie and jeans is a must),  life for them is drama-less and pretty calm, all they basically do is watch movies, series, anime…well anything that can be watched, and play video games. for them nothing requires stressing or worrying about due dates are just a rumor for them. they have great ideas and great taste in music but showing off is not their thing they love keeping things to themselves, and when it comes to approaching the ladies they have absolutely no game, so just like the “good guys” they end up in the bro-zone or even worse in no zone at all TANTANTAA *dramatic music*



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  1. Oui Ssam says:

    Bravoo 🙂

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    1. Houdouce says:

      thanks a lot ❤


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